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1.  DE LA RASILLA, I., ‘The History of International Law Matters. Looking Beyond the Tyranny of the Present in International Law’, Völkerrechtsblog. International Public Law and International Legal Thought. (February 2021). Chinese translation: 睿思来:国法史的重要性——超越国法的当代局限(田謄杞 民校)睿思来 法眼看南海 (31 March 2021).

2.  DE LA RASILLA, I., Why the Time is Right to Set Up an International Terrorism Court. The Conversation (24 Feb. 2017). Republished at: The Business Insider, The Business Standard, Descrier, The Wire. Italian translation: “Una corte globale contro il crimine di terrorismo” Voci Globali (March 2017).

3.  DE LA RASILLA, I., Will the UK Remain an Attractive Place for Foreign Academics After Brexit? Newsletter of the Max Weber Program, European University Institute (10 Feb 2017).

4.  DE LA RASILLA, I. (and various authors) ‘The Article 50 ruling means Parliament must not merely rubber-stamp Brexit with a three-line bill’ LSE Brexit (17 Nov 2016).

5.  DE LA RASILLA, I., International Law in the Early Days of Brexit’s Past, EJIL: Talk! Blog of the European Journal of International Law (20 Oct 2016) Also published at Expert’s Report” Brexit: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead, Think Tank - Britain in Europe (25 October 2016).